Sermon Bites

Holt UMC sanctuary (by Tyler Smoot)

Sermon Bites are snippets from my weekly sermons that I hope will be helpful to you for your thoughts and and journey as a human being – a Christian human being, a human being of another faith, of no faith, many faiths, or searching for faith. It’s likely these little nuggets will have more meaning to you if you are Christian or have had some experience with the Christian Church. If you have questions or responses to anything you find here, I’d love to hear from you (see below).

Sermon Bites is a way that I’m trying to make messages of the Bible simple and relevant for today. It’s helpful for me to process my faith and teachings in this way, and I pray this project will also be a blessing to others. These Bites come from sermons that I give to the specific people in the churches of Druid Hills and Holt United Methodist, in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Some of the material here may be unique to them.

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