The Prayer of Need

[Series Intro]

There was a widow in a small town, whose husband cheated and took advantage of her during the divorce.

In the same town, there was a judge who had no respect for anyone. He just looked out for number one every day, and he figured he would say “No” to every petition until retiring with a government pension.

The widow had another vision in mind. She came to that judge, again and again, despite what everyone said about the judge, despite that the judge repeatedly said “No” to her pleas.

Why did she keep at it? Stubbornness? Strength? Patience? Perseverance?

The primary reason was NEED. She had a need for justice. She went to the judge because her need had not been resolved, and she would continue to go until it was resolved.

Eventually the judge granted her justice, out of weariness.

Jesus’ question after telling the widow’s story is, “When [Jesus] comes, will he find faith on earth?”

This is for people who’ve prayed and prayed, at bedtime, morning, before meals, times of struggle… and now, we feel relatively stable in both faith and life. Jesus is with us as we fall asleep, as we eat with family, as we go to work. We don’t often set aside times to kneel or pray aloud.


Like the widow, we NEED to see prayer as a matter of need. In all circumstances, we need the grace of Jesus, as desperately as the widow needed justice. It is great and true that Jesus is with us always, but imagine if we gave that excuse to any other person in our lives as a reason not to interact. “Mom, I think about you daily. We don’t need to talk or visit. You’re in my heart always.” Having someone in mind sustains us between times of interaction, but without presence and conversation, a relationship cannot fulfill the real needs of either party.

Explore ways of taking on a new prayer practice, in order to intentionally converse and draw near to Jesus. If it’s quiet time you need, choose a specific time and place to have it daily. If you rarely voice prayer aloud, decide to speak your prayers for the next week. If you struggle with what to say, try praying the Lord’s Prayer slowly. If you get anxious, try walking while praying. Whatever you choose, make it specific. Make a commitment to practice it for a length of time. Allow several “tries” before deciding something doesn’t work. Remember that the widow was persistent, because of her need.


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