(Still) Keeping the Faith

A Sermon Series

Lady Girl: Official dog of Holt UMC

Lady Girl attends Holt United Methodist Church. She is fed here. She is loved here. She’s been a regular attender for several years. Many of us are like Lady Girl. We’re regular church-attenders. We’ve practiced Christianity for many years. We’re comfortable. We’re loved.

When we’re comfortable, do we continue to be thankful for the mysteries and blessings of our faith? Of course we share prayers of joy and thanksgiving, but are we deeply thankful, on a regular basis? Do we persistently practice prayer, even when we don’t see results, even when we’ve prayed for everything plus the kitchen sink? Do we avoid pridefulness? Do we still recognize, confess, and repent (change), when we’ve done wrong, even though years have passed since our first “confession” of Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior?

At the center of this sermon series is Jesus’ story of the persistent widow (Luke 18:1-8), who continually visited the judge demanding justice, even after repeatedly being turned down, seeing no results for her efforts. She remained persistent. Jesus applauds her perseverance asking his listeners,

When the Son of Man comes, will he find faith on earth?

This question is for us who see ourselves as the in-crowd to Christianity. Will Jesus find faith on earth? Especially when we feel like we’ve been at faith for a long time, when we know we’ve got it together, that is when we’re likely to lose our persistence and to miss opportunities to practice Christian gratitude, perseverance, humility, confession, and compassion.

Will we persistently practice faith? The thankful Samaritan, the persistent Widow, the humble tax collector, the repentant Zacchaeus. This series embraces stories from the Gospel of Luke to encourage us to keep on keeping the faith: “(Still) Keeping the Faith”

  1. Will There Be Gratitude on Earth?
  2. The Prayer of Need
  3. Dare to Be Humble
  4. Climbing Down the Tree

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